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Yet more numbers

I think I’m going to have a numbers category. According to a new Ofcom report “Social Networking: A quantitative and qualitative research report into attitudes, behaviours and use” the use of Social networking sites is in my mind fairly low, certainly a lot lower than the hype.

  • Only 22% of Adult (16+) UK Internet users have set up a profile on a social networking site
  • This rises to 49% (still less than half ;-)) for 8-17 year-olds

The report provides two classifications, one of social networking site users and one for those who don’t. The non users are classified as:

  • Concerned about safety – often older people and parents concerned about safety online, in particular making personal details available online.
  • Technically inexperienced – often people over 30 years old who lack confidence in using the internet and computers.
  • Intellectual rejecters – often older teens and young adults who have no interest in social networking sites and see them as a waste of time.

There’s also an introductory video which i’m going to embed below, as brand new WordPress 2.5 let’s me with ease (fingers crossed)!

Finally I must point out that I came across this on Media @ LSE which is written by David Brake, one of the report’s authors.

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