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The Missing Net Generation

Cups of TeaA year or so ago a member of the ‘Net Generation’ told me they knew nothing about blogging. No big deal, this Interweb stuff isn’t everybody’s cup-of-tea. I read a lot about the Net Generation but I also come across a lot of numbers like the ones from previous posts which I’ll repeat here to save you the hassle:

  • 49% UK 8-17 year-olds have a social networking profile (Ofcom, 2008 )
  • 55% of all online US 12-17 year-olds use online social networking sites (Pew Internet, 2007)

What’s interesting to me is the 51% and the 45% who don’t! (Plus note that the US figure is based on “online” teenagers). Do these percentages challenge all the hype about everyone born since 1981 living in MySpace & Bebo? While there’s certainly a whole lot to think about in teaching the net generation, perhaps we should also remember that not everyone is signed up yet!

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/olivierclaurent/474306315/

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