BBC 2.0

Liveblogging: EduServ Symposium 2008: Auntie’s view: BBC 2.0 Years On from Jeremy Stone.

New BBC homepage inspired by my favourite, Netvibes & iGoogle. Jeremy then highlighted The Apprentice and how other sites – The guardian & Twitter for example – build ‘content’ around it… do the BBC need to? This was followed by this comment from Brian Kelly on the online chat: “Very relevant question for HE. Are we here to create web sites – especially if popular ones already exist?”

Web as a Canvas – examples from Radio 1 as a pioneer: Radio 1 in Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Need for the BBC need to open up more and make their ‘data’ available

Where are the People? – a lot of work to be done to get people visible on Top ranking site but participation is still relatively limited.

Existing BBC blogs enable accountability – e.g. BBC News editors

BBC as Producers/Editors or Curators? More integration – a blog with a radio show attached: iPM: Share what you know


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