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Feeding The Web

I drew this picture to  show how the LSE Law Careers blog takes advantage of feeds to automatically publish to multiple locations and how feeds from elsewhere are added to it.  One of the great advantages of  using a blog for ‘news’ is that it can easily be syndicated elsewhere with very little effort.

I originally produced it  for a presentation I gave with Judith Baines (the LSE Law Careers blogger) at the Graduate Careers Ireland biennial conference in Dublin last month. We used it again earlier this week at the AGCAS CIEL 2010 conference. Our talk was a lessons learnt by the LSE Careers Service’s use of Web2.0 stuff over the last 3 years or so.

In the talk I also highlighted Hootsuite as a useful tool for both ‘feeding the web’ automatically and for writing updates for multiple social networking sites at once.  As this screenshot shows you can send one update to multiple places including Twitter, Facebook (including Pages), LinkedIn, WordPress & Foursquare.

Another feature of  Hootsuite is the ability for multiple people to manage the same account, for example the @A_L_T tweets are written by several people logging in to their own Hootsuite accounts. We do this because Hootsuite also offers statistics so it’s useful to have all tweets originating from one source.

  1. July 16, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    You might the work im doing w/ ushahidi and feeds at the mo and also the work I did w/ primary school ict leaders feeds.

    2 useful tools, hootsuite (as mentioned) and yahoo pipes.

    Foursquare isn’t important to me and I’m not sure it will be relevant in the future. We will see.

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