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Thinking Beyond Technology

In October I’ll be speaking at the Future Of Education in Technology conference (FOTE10). I’m chuffed to have been asked but also slightly nervous (Talking to 300 peers, with no software demonstration to hide behind)!

FOTE is a bit more techie than most educational technology events, appealing to IT staff as well as learning technology folk. The conference ‘themes’ are Mobile Applications, Augmented Reality, Geolocation, iTunes U/Podcasting, & iPad/e-Book Readers. My talk, ‘We have the technology, we have the capability… all we need is love’ won’t be however!  I’ve just blogged Beyond Technology on the official FOTE10 blog as an initial introduction to my talk. Comments welcomed!

  1. October 2, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Matt – loved your presentation yesterday – very interesting and part of my remit as Senior Lecturer for Digimedia & It is to motivate tutors to use new technology effectively. Can you send me a link to the second movie clip from your talk as we wanted to see the ending? Thanks very much, Jo

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