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Some Plans for 2011

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

South Beach, Miami Writing for The Web

Something I revisited last year, running a workshop for Netskills in May, which I’ll be doing again in March. It’s a topic that really interests me and I’ll be looking to build my knowledge further this year. I’ve made a start with Janice Redish’s excellent book: Letting Go of the Words which emphasises the importance of web content being conversational.  I’m also planning to apply the general good practice guidelines to online learning and come up with a “Writing for the VLE” guide.


Last year I co-facilitated a few webinars here at LSE,  some for a Health Economics masters and one with the LSE Careers Service on using Linkedin.  It’s a challenging format and one we will be experimenting with further this year; myself and my colleague Sonja Grussendorf are planning to offer staff a series of lunchtime webinars after Easter.  When planning last year’s LinkedIn one I found the Live Online Learning – a facilitator’s Guide from Onlignment really useful.


I’ve been blogging in fits-and-bursts for over 5-years now (3 for this personal blog).  This year it’ll be more of a focus for me as the LSE is introducing our own WordPress blogging platform.  Last year I helped with the LSE Election blog (now the excellent British Politics and Policy at LSE) and advised Conor Gearty on his innovative The Rights’ Future project.  This year I suspect many more will join in and I’ve volunteered to provide limited support (it’s slightly outside of our T&L remit!).  Before Christmas I put together this  list of LSE Bloggers.

Web Presence

Last year, with Jane Secker & Marina Benjamin, I facilitated some workshops for staff on developing personal web presence.  We are planning more of the same this year and already did one for PhDs last week.  In a similar vein are the Digital Footprints sessions I’ve been doing for a couple of years with Judith Baines, who writes the LSE Law Careers blog.

Photo credit: Judith Baines, the LSE Law Careers blogger 🙂

  1. January 25, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Thanks for mentioning the Live Online learning ebook. We’re really pleased that you found it useful.

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