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Pedagogy, Web2.0 & Staff Development

November 5, 2008 2 comments
Me 'at' the conference

Me 'at' the conference

I’m currently ‘attending’ an online conference with the tag line: Learning in a digital Age – are we prepared?.  On day one I focused on the session “Does Web2 fundamentally alter the learner-teacher relationship?” which included a presentation with accompanying notes and some pre-recorded audio discussion between the two presenters followed by an ongoing online forum.

With the exception of navigating the poor interface of the discussion it has been very enjoyable and worthwhile.

Pedagogy 2.0
Not a term I particularly want to see again but the point being made was that we need to focus on new pedagogies facilitated by new technologies rather than just the tools themselves.  I agree, but have to admit that I’m guilty of not doing this enough.  The answer (to encouraging the use of new pedagogies) is, I think, primarily a case of staff development; getting teachers to think about different ways of teaching and understanding that chalk-and-talk is not always the best choice.

Digital Literacies
I’m not sure this specific term came up in the online discussion but it’s something that I’m focused on at present and I think it is relevant.  Many staff are not aware or engaged with the different emerging technologies (many are still getting to grips with the emerged ones).  Another case for staff development.  At ALT-C 2008 I heard about an interesting project at Canterbury Christ Church.  DEBUT is focused on improving the digital skills of staff generally and one spin-off has been staff then wanting to incorporate them into their teaching.

So staff development sessions to 1) encourage new pedagogies and 2) to improve digital literacy.  Easy!

Time for some work now, then back to the conference later to look at the Learning design session and in particular the bits about cloudworks.