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Twitter at LSE Teaching Day

June 25, 2010 2 comments

Google Generation Panel DiscussionFor LSE Teaching Day 2010 we heavily promoted the use of Twitter as a backchannel communication tool and were very pleased with the results.  Twitter updates relating to Teaching Day were identifiable by the event tag: #lsetd10


The 249 updates* were made by 29 people, 16 LSE staff & students and 13 non-LSE showing how backchannel communication can extend beyond the walls of a face-to-face event. The event had 180 delegates.

A large majority of tweets came from a small number people:

  • Only 7 people reached double figures
  • One person, @tweeduizendzes was responsible for almost 1/3 of the updates
  • Top 5 tweeters accounted for 77% of the updates

Types of Updates

Tweets can be standard updates, replies (directed at someone in response to an update), mentions (an update referencing somone else) or retweets (one person re-posting another’s earlier update).

  • Updates 63%
  • Retweets 26%
  • Replies 6%
  • Mentions 5%

I have attempted to classify the 249 tweets based on their purpose with the following results: Read more…

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