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Report from Plymouth E-Learning Conference 2011

April 8, 2011 7 comments

The Plymouth Elearning conference punches well above its weight. This year the school kids stole the show.

My conference highlight, offering us (HE) real food for thought, were the contributions from school students. I came across this quote ahead of the conference while preparing for my own session on blogging:

I love our blog, it’s so fun to go on. I learn lots of new things in our blog. I especially liked working with the other P5 class from Tannochside Primary on the rainforest. It’s awesome, I hope I get to come on tomorrow.

Chloe F, Year 5, Chapelside Primary School

Many of the sessions at pelc11 were great but the Student Voice Technology Showcase organised by Dan Roberts was my standout session. In all of the examples the students are active learners, creating and being creative.

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