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Work-based Social Networks

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

SilosAre private social networks, such as Yammer, the future for internal communication?

One of the problems of working in a university (and this is my fourth!) are the silos.  Internal communication is generally poor; it can be very frustrating sometimes.  I’m not sure the private sector is much different, but it’s been a while since I worked there.

I’ve just tracked down a quote that I used to mention in my twitter workshops:

Those who criticise use of Twitter at work haven’t seen the tectonic plates moving. Social networks such as these are the way businesses will be run in the future. The trouble is that most firms, probably the ones that objected to email in its early stages, don’t get this at all.

Victor Keegan Is Twitter the perfect way to network? The Guardian, January 2009

I’m not sure about tectonic plates but thinking about my own use of Twitter, it really has really changed how I communicate and who I’m communicating with.  The growth of my network and the relationships that I have developed over the past two years continue to surprise me.  Despite working in an extremely friendly, open-plan environment I often ask twitter before I ask colleagues!

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