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ICTs in Education in the Future?

June 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday at a staff development session for teachers I asked the following question both within the room and via Twitter, ‘Describe the Future of ICTs in Education… in one word’

Tweet on ICTs in Future

I received several answers in the room and within 10-minutes had 16 from Twitter, which I think impressed the participants! (“Now I get Twitter!”)  All these answers are combined with the ones from my presentation slides in this Wordle.

ICTs in Education in one word

Anything you’d like to add?  It was a very interesting exercise both in terms of how well it worked as a twitter demonstration but also in terms of the answers.

Microsoft Surface

My presentation was followed by a very interesting one by Gordon Rimmer from the education arm of Microsoft.  I may say more about this later but for now a video that took me by suprise as one of the teachers in it is a school friend!  So absolutely must be embedded below!  And also gives me a great excuse to share the Microsoft Surface parody video too!

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

July 31, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been meaning to create my first YouTube video for a while now.  I haven’t done it yet but the latest fascinating (& humorous) video from Michael Wesch reminds me I must get on with this!

His full blog post: An anthropological introduction to YouTube includes a timeline so it’s easy to jump in where you like but it has interesting stuff and funny clips throughout so grab a coffee, sit-back and enjoy.

When I finally get around to creating one myself I’ll be using a new gadget we’ve just bought.  Now I’m not a gadget kinda-guy but I really like the simplicity of our new flip

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A Portal to Media Literacy

July 15, 2008 2 comments

Michael Wesch is a Cultural Anthropologist who explores the “impacts of new media on human interaction”.  He’s probably best-known for his Web2.0 in 5-mins YouTube video: The Machine is Us/ing Us It has been viewed around 6-million times and has received 20-thousand user ratings and 7000 comments…  If you’ve not seen it or any of his other short videos then take a look on YouTube.

Last month he gave the following talk entitled A Portal to Media Literacy at a University of Manitoba conference.

It’s just over an hour and well worth finding time to watch the whole thing.  Alternatively, below’s a rough breakdown of what he covers so you can dip in: Read more…

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YouTube Annotations

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment

You can now annotate your own YouTube videos.  It’s been possible for a while now but I only learnt of it at an LSE Languages show-and-tell earlier this week.  Here’s a good Friday afternoon example:

Update!: Ooops – annotations don’t appear in the embedded version below so you need to watch it on YouTube

See more on this in relation to education over on EdTechie.  Keep going to the comments and you’ll see where I found the Wedding singers.


Twitter: From Cynic to Addict?

May 16, 2008 6 comments

Cynic >>>> Addict? Well maybe not just yet but I’m certainly further to the right than I once was. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about Twitter later so this is a mid-term report if you like, as part of my role as “web2.0 filter” as one colleague recently referred to me!

I started using Twitter about a month ago. For those who are already lost, twitter is blogging on a very small scale (140 characters per post) and you can follow other twitterers of your choice in a single stream of posts like this. The 7 things you need to know about twitter (PDF) from Educause will tell you more.

Now there is a lot of irreverent stuff as you’d expect but I have found it very useful. I’ll give more examples later but for now, a simple one of resource discovery. When I joined Twitter I started following Martin Weller as I read his blog. While browsing those he follows I came across Grainne Conole who I’ve met but don’t really know… we are both ex-Uni of North London. A tweet from Grainne took me to her blog where I then came across this post which I then blogged about. Now of course I might have gotten to the ENTICE guide through another route but it was twitter that brought me there in this case.

As I said more to follow but Martin Weller is already ahead of my game with his Twitter Tales and also thanks to Sonja for this post on filtering the news.

Coincidently, though the medium of actually talking to someone, I came across the following new video from Mike Wesch yesterday. For me it’s not as slick and engaging as his earlier ones but it shows how he has used Twitter in a ‘world simulation’ with his students at Kansas State university.

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Facebook in Real Life

May 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Thanks to the organisers of LEON 2008 for this facebook parody:

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